My new obsession with Instagram

July 3, 2011

As you may have noticed in my haircut photo I appear to be holding an iPhone like device. Have no fear I have not given into the siren song of the smart phone (oh that beauteous melody!), but instead I am enjoying my new iPod Touch. Which I now posses thanks to a happy trade between Jonathan and I through which he was gifted a car and me an Mp3 player. Oddly enough considering the age and miles on the car, I believe I may have gotten the better deal 🙂
So yes the new iPod Touches also come with cameras, thus allowing me to finally have the crappy quality point and shoot of my dreams. And thanks to an app with lots of fun filters that do a good job of covering up the low megapixel nature of these photos, makes it really fun to edit them. So here are my current instagram photos:



One comment

  1. I’ve just bought Instagram, though I acually prefer Camera+ – similar programme, but you might want to give it a try. Nice pictures though – I especially love the faux vintage effect, somehow it makes any photo look slightly magical.

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