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Ah, what a refreshing week break from blogging

December 7, 2011

The thing about doing NaBloPoMo every year is it tends to make the holiday season even more discombobulated. Thanksgiving tends to pop out of no where and then before you know it the month is over, you are freely admitting to listening to Christmas music on repeat and you still haven’t bought Christmas presents yet and realize your idea of getting a Christmas tree in your new apartment will have a very short window for display if you don’t get a move on.

So yes, new apartment! In just a few short days, the last of the faithful Hedgehog housemates will be dividing our stuff, dragging things to Value Village, the dump and two different apartments in Ballard, and then settling in. In retrospect moving during the middle of the Holiday season might not have been the wisest idea, but then when is it ever a convenient time to stuff all of one’s worldly belongings in boxes, rent a giant vehicle and haul them across town? This moving distance will be a first for me* so far I have either crossed state lines or just a block or two with my moves.  But thankfully having recently shipped all my boxes almost 3,000 miles and only truly unpacked a month and a half ago, packing everything back up is a little less intimidating.

Oh let’s see what else I was going to talk about….ah yes, I do have lots of good photos and little videos from my Thanksgiving visit home, although I will warn you most of them are of Mathilda, my new favorite puppy.  And the other half of my photos are of my old housemate Anne’s crazy cute kittens.  So basically, expect a post made entirely of kittens and puppies in the near future.

*the only one that would have been a similar distance took place back in high school, but I was off in Germany, so it wasn’t a big deal.


Thoughts on change

August 15, 2010

I have always been someone who loves change, or at least the thought of it.  Moving to England, moving to Seattle, starting new jobs, instantly fitting into new social circles, decorating new apartments, exploring new cities, all of those tend to sound good to me.  Change is thrilling. Change is leaving everything I don’t like about my current life and finding something new.  Change is easy and full of adventure.  Change means getting rid of responsibilities that continually try to persuade me I am actually an adult now.  But the thing that I always tend to forget is that change also means leaving things.  Change means leaving people, housemates, friends, communities, churches, familiar neighborhood walks, routine, favorite coffee shops, and the some times familiarity of random people on the streets.

Feeling apart of the community here in Rebaland (many people’s affectionate nickname for the neighborhood around my church) was not something that happened quickly or was easy for me.  As I approach the end of graduate school and the beginning of a huge widening of options (stay at my current job, get a new job in the area, move to Seattle, go overseas for a year, move down into the city, stay at my current house, etc), it is always to easy for me to overlook the difficulties of change.  It took me over 2 years to begin to feel apart of my community, to get to the point where people I randomly pass on the street are often people I know, to feel comfortable using my leadership skills to plan goofy charade games for church meetings.

In the end change, and all its endless possibilities, will always thrill me, but as I am learning change, once it actually occurs, can also be overwhelming, difficult and painful.  This doesn’t mean I don’t want to seek out change, but I think I need to also remember to appreciate more the richness of being here, in one place, with one community and learning to adapt myself to it.


random conversation tidbits

August 13, 2010

Me: How do you spell whiney? w-h-i-n-n-y ?

Becca: Hmm, I think that spells whinny, as in horse sound

Me: Oh, so I probably don’t mean to say “humidity makes me whinny”

Becca: Neigh


The one videotape that Becca and I actually wore out by watching and re-watching

February 27, 2010

Scene from my saturday night: Becca and Abby are sitting on the couch, laptops on each lap, Les Miserables the 10th Anniversary Concert is playing on the DVD.

Abby: “who am i, who am ”

Becca: “I’m Jean Valjean, so Javert you see it’s true…”

Both: “I’m 24601!”

Abby: “You know I am pretty sure we still have it”

Becca: “Yeah all those years of practice have payed off, I think we still have it all memorized.”

Abby: “Yep, time to take our Les Mis two person karaoke version on the road”


two odd dreams and a financial pondering

February 19, 2010

A few nights back I had a very vivid dream in which I was back in school (probably high school) and we took a field trip up into space.  In the dream this seemed both very typical, I mean who hasn’t been to space!, and also really cool because who doesn’t love field trips!  Our group was going at the end of the day (the means of travel seemed somewhat carnival ride related), so therefore we were allowed to just stay up there overnight.  I remember thinking this was pretty cool, but that my parents were probably not going to be thrilled at the cost of the trip (several hundred dollars).  Unfortunately I don’t remember much of the dream that actually involved hanging out in space, other than our capsule resembled those bunk cabins from camp and I got to look out at the stars from my sleeping bag.*


Last night I had a dream in which I was hanging out with my brothers and Jonathan and Tim were running around up ahead with their iPhones (I know, I know, dreams that feature mac products are incredibly dorky) and I was trying to get their attention, because I knew Jonathan had an extra iPod Touch.  Eventually I caught up with them and Jonathan offered to give me the iPod Touch because he had this great way of getting another one free from Apple.  His plan seemed to involve a complicated set of calculations which would eventually steal enough dimes and nickels from Apple to pay the cost of the iPod.  This apparently casual fraud seemed to really upset the dream me, so I decided I should just pay him for the iPod.


Fortunately at least one of these very strange dreams can be explained by my third point in which I ask for advice regarding a possible future purchase.  Thanks to the recent refunding of my money by the U.S Treasury, I have some extra money.  Now the vast majority of that is going into my savings account (otherwise known as the holding cell for tuition payments) and I have some plans on how I will tithe 10%, but I want to do something fun with at least a small portion of it.

So here are some ways I could spend my allotted bonus money:

I have been drooling for a new iPod for quite some time now. Plus with its built in wi-fi I could use it as pseudo laptop if I ever get around to updating my almost 4 year old MacBook to an iMac

While I am not sure I would get this specific dress I have been wanting a nicer desk for a while now and this one would definitely inspire me to stop covering up my current one with papers to be filed

Likewise I have been wanting to replace my dresser (since the doors on the left side no longer close completely) and this kind of fun blue one from IKEA would definitely add a nice splash of blue to my room.

So votes, opinions folks? I love feedback, so also if you have an alternate idea of how I should spend my money, let me know 🙂

*I did find some explanation for my dream in my recent reading of The Right Stuff by Tom Wolfe which was a non-fiction book all about Project Mercury and the first Americans in space.


so winters in chicago get pretty dry

December 14, 2009

In fact they get so dry that when you leave an orange peel out overnight, it turns into this:


The after photos: without those bothersome before ones

December 2, 2009

It was last July some time that my Mom did me the huge favor of coming up and helping me paint my room.  I know, I am 26 (25 then) and should be capable of doing something like that by myself, but I am so grateful to have a mother who is willing to help me out with things like this.*  So somewhere buried on my external hard drive are the pictures I took of the room before we painted and re-arranged it.  But for now all you have are these pictures which I finally took last Saturday after a strange cleaning fit overcame me and I both washed my sheets and vacuumed, crazy I know.

So to see the whole tour, go over to flickr and look through this set.  But just in case you can’t be bothered, here is a preview which shows you the dividing line between the Boston Fern and the Tawny Birch.

I included a lot of random explantory notes on this picture over on Flickr

*The previous summer she came up and helped me move, which helped me have the most efficient and orderly move of my entire life