A post written to be skipped

November 11, 2014

When in doubt I like to go with the bullet-point list:

  • This Friday I will be spending the whole day in a Drupal training day. I always love a chance to pretend that I am true techie.
  • Tomorrow night I will get to see Anne Lamont talk about her new book Small Victories.
  • Today was another beautifully clear autumn day and actually quite brisk by Seattle standards.
  • Which reminds me now that we have had our first frost, I really need to get a scraper for my car.
  • This evening we watched Agents of Shield, which was fun. I watch so very little live TV, that adjusting to the concept of un-pausable commercial-laden programming always takes me a little.
  • Also, if you are looking for delicious popcorn, I recommend adding a few shakes of pre-grated parmesan cheese. It’s the best.

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