How to have a delightful Friday night

November 15, 2013

1. Get out of work a little early because of late nights earlier in the week.

2. Putz around the apartment, accomplishing very little.

3. Go and pick Alex up from the car mechanic, because the check engine light came on his car (the second time in a month!).

4. Discover that Alex owns a massage chair insert thing (it fits on top of a pre-existing chair) and spend the next 30 minutes blissed out on massage, while working on a secret project.

5. Go out to dinner and eat a delicious steak salad.

6. Talk about all sorts of things with Alex, including everything from elder care, children and alcohol.

7. Complete the dinner & a movie twofer with the new Thor movie.

8. Laugh a lot, mainly in the second half or when Loki was involved. And especially for the very brief Captain America cameo and the great Easter Eggs at the end (both of them!)

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