I swear I had a topic right on the tip of my tongue

November 13, 2013

I have actually been thinking of a few things that I could blog about here that would be slightly more in depth then “oh HAI, here is post thing!”. They are as follow:

– The conundrum of the last name (as in what you do when you decide to partner up with someone for life and need a way to acknowledge that)

– The wedding of Katie and Bryan this summer in which I took pictures

– The Girls Weekend Re-cap (all the way back in May!)

– Thoughts about big things that I can’t really blog about because they are private (at least right now) but are connected to this great quote I found in my blog drafts from the last time I had a big decision to mull over:

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
– Anais Nin (via SwissMiss)

But alas, the concept of working a 9-5 job with commute, means productivity past 8pm seems like a really crazy idea. Perhaps this weekend I will put some time into actually writing about one of those topics or something else that appeals to me.

Either way, have a good night!


  1. Naferson or Peterger just don’t cut it, do they?

  2. Good list. And love the quote. Agreed!

  3. You know how Dan and I handled the name issue. It worked for us, and I’m all for each couple deciding what works for them. 🙂

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