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Welcome to November

November 1, 2013

So I pulled up my much neglected blog to start yet another year of this NaBloPoMo thing (which I just checked and this is my 5th time doing this!). And the first thing I saw was my last post full of photos from my trip with my brother Jonathan to visit my other brother Tim and sister-in-law Charletta in Southern California. Which delivered that one two punch of happy memories and a pang of missing brothers.

My brothers have always been* and forever will be pretty high on my list of favorite people and apparently I can’t even escape them when playing nerdy role-playing games. Last night, while I trying to come up with spur of the moment names for my character’s** two brothers, the best I could come up with Jonny and Tim. Which is probably either a demonstration of my lack of creative naming, or perhaps an indicator that even in the world of fantasy I still think of those two as my brothers.

In other news, I have no good plan for how I am going to fill these next 30 posts. Although I do think that planned (or at least a little bit thought-out) years tend to be my better ones, I also have a backlog of the past 7 months of blog-silence. So that should help.

Either way, it feels good to be back in the saddle, and trying once again to actually create something, even if it is only a blog post.

Thing that is making me happy (the first of perhaps a series?)

Tonight You Belong To Me

*with perhaps the only exception being certain years between 3 and 15 when Tim and I did not tolerate each other very well

**Her name is Seda and she is a half-ling ranger who kicks arse at shooting things, but isn’t the best at actually doing any damage. We basically refer to her as a very skilled acupuncturist.