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So I finally went to southern california

April 1, 2013

and it sure was purty!

I am just going to ignore the fact that I haven’t posted in over 3 months and jump right into showing photos from my sibling reunion trip to visit Tim and Charletta in Ojai. Ready? Here we go…
Flying into LA
Jonathan and the oak
Charletta, Jonathan and Grandma Oak
Jonathan and I have different reactions to hiking
The view of White Ledge
Tim and his favorite food
Siblings on a mountain
Jonathan swinging into the sunset
A ridgeback path looking out over Ojai Valley
A lovely (but invasive) Eucalyptus glowing in the sunset
Tim, Charletta and Jonathan enjoy the sunset
Tim and Charletta, being cute
Plant close-up
Oranges lit by the setting sun
Waterfall with glowing tree
Creek hiking is the best
Pensive Jonathan
Charletta and Jonathan climbed a rock
Looking out over Los Padres
Creek hiking under the highway
Tim leaps
Charletta and the water
Seal birthing ground
Quintessentially California
Waves rolling in
Charletta and Tim in the sunset
California sunset