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Reason #289 Alex is awesome

November 20, 2012

Not only did he take my sudden and intense quest to find a cinnamon-scented candle during our late evening shopping run (curse you, seasonally appropriate scented pine cone display!) seriously. But he ended up picking out a complimentary vanilla one for himself. Now is definitely a good time to come visit our apartment, lots of purty smells!


How To Survive an Atypical Rainy Seattle Day

November 19, 2012

Seattle has a lot of rainy days. This is probably a surprise to exactly no one. However an important footnote to this is that a typical rainy day in Seattle involves a few fitful drizzles, a brief misting and a light shower, all interspersed with luscious grey skies and a during certain months a brief glimpse of blue sky. So today when

  • I checked my weather app the hourly forecast called for 100% chance of rain for the next 10 hours.
  • At points it rained so hard that they grey skies were actually just a small part of why you couldn’t see anything.

I realized this called for the complete rain ensemble.
Rainy Day Survival Gear

  • Umbrella – While Seattleites pride themselves in their strong raincoats over umbrella preferences. Some days you you really do just need a tarp like device over your head.
  • Hat = Good, Brimmed Hat = Best
  • Scarf and Glove/Mittens – Don’t forget these, because they provide a nice extra layer between you and ALL THE WETNESS!
  • Coat – While this is sadly not actually waterproof, it is much warmer than my single layer raincoat and also makes up for its non-waterproof status by covering my bum!
  • Boots – These boots are perfect for a crazy rainy day in that they have good traction, solid rubber construction that makes them truly waterproof and comfortable enough design that when you forget your extra pair of shoes to change into at work – it isn’t the end of the world.
There you go, that’s how I survived today, which included a 30 minute wait for a delayed bus and all the other joys that come with public transit commuting.



August: The Month of Visits (Part I)

November 18, 2012

This past August was an awesome month and also a really busy month because starting with my friend Miriam (who technically visited in late July, but still!) and leading up to Labor day I had 6 friends or family who visited me in Seattle (5 of those stayed in my apartment). Thanks to the lovely excuse that visitors give to really get out and enjoy the city, I ended up doing more in August than the rest of the summer combined. And while it isn’t in chronological order, here are some of the photos from Ruth and Jess’s visit. Thanks for coming ladies, it was truly a blast!

Ruth browsing at my local book store

Of course I like to take my guests to my local bookstore. Fortunately Ruth was totally game for looking at books.

Ruth cheesin for the Sky View

Ruth and I went up Columbia tower to take in the view

Saturday took us all to Fremont

On a tour of Fremont, Jess spotted these chairs in a tree

Waiting for the Interurban

Jess gave us a tour of all her favorite statues in Fremont

Ruth looking cute

Ruth soaking in the sun/view

The ladies

The ladies and Rapunzel

Abby and Ruth command the front

We went paddle-boating on Green Lake

Post paddle boat picnic

Then we had a delicious picnic

Enjoying the all to brief (but actually quite powerful!) Seattle sun

And took naps

Ruth and I assembled Tiramisu

Then Ruth and I assembled Tiramisu

David and Jess made an awesome Pizza Fondue dinner!

David and Jess made an awesome Pizza Fondue dinner!

Jess looking pretty

Jess looking pretty at some location that I completely forget.



November 17, 2012

I started off the morning by heading over to the other side of my neighborhood to pick up the teaching materials for Sunday school tomorrow-the last Sunday of the quarter. I have to admit I am looking forward to taking a break from teaching, despite only having done half of the Sundays this fall. But teaching, and more accurately hanging out and getting to know, some of the kids at my church was a good experience.

During the walk over, I used the handy-dandy feature of using my headphones/microphone combo to chat with my parents and then on the way back chatted with Jess. Once back home, Jess and I battled bad internet connections to video chat for a while and then I have leftovers for lunch.

The next 3 hours is where my productivity took a solid nose dive while I played Civ 5, building a civilization out of scraps of pixels and sheer will. Finally with the realization that Alex would be back from teaching Saturday school soon and that I should perhaps attempt to get some work done I started working in my room. I shuffled boxes around and then with Alex’s help moved my furniture and unrolled my rug (the same rug that Meryl and I have been happily co-owning for over 10 years now*).

Then Alex and I made ourselves some supper (leftovers for him, quesadilla for me) and proceeded to have a relaxing evening in. He caught up on the Internet and I organized photos into files with the idea of trying to actually do a few more photo flashbacks from the past 6 months. To cap off the evening I made popcorn and we watched Clue. It was delightful and completely hilarious.

So that brings us to right now, where upon I stared a blank page, considered a few options and finally decided to write this. I hope everyone else’s Saturdays were good ones!

* I tried to find a picture of said rug to show you all. But alas, I do a rather horrible job of tagging in Flickr, so now rug photo. That said, I did find this, so that’s awesome.

Meryl and Abby

A photo from 5 years ago at Will and Keri’s wedding in Oregon.


5 reasons I love my neighborhood

November 16, 2012
  1. Not only is there another coffeeshop opening only a few block away from my apartment, but they are going to combine with a used book store! Now I will never meet my lofty saving goals!
  2. While there are lots of young hipsters (which depending on your definition, may include myself) there are still plenty of old Norwegian folks, which you can find by visiting the local Nordic Heritage Museum or grabbing breakfast at the local Smoke Shop diner which decorated in the 70s and has never believed in renovations.
  3. In addition to being easy biking distance from this parkPicnic at Gasworks       it is also easy walking distance to the locks where you can watch the shipsBallard Locks, on a nice day
  4. You can easily find the following kinds of food: BBQ, Mexican, Taco truck, Southern, Thai, Vietnamese, Pan-Asian, Sushi, Teriyaki, Burgers, French, Gelato, Cupcakes, Coffee, Irish, Diner food, Japanese, Tavern food and probably a few I am missing.
  5. In one morning I can easily stop by the grocery store, pharmacy, library, post office and hardware store all without needing a car.

NaBloPoMo – Halfway point

November 15, 2012

Well, November is officially halfway over, which means I only have to go, “Gah I still have to blog and it’s already 10:30pm!” 15 more times this month. This is my fourth straight year of doing NaBloPoMo and perhaps it is because I started it after a six-month blogging leave of absence, but it has been harder for me to feel like I am actually writing anything of substance. Unlike previous years I haven’t put together a schedule, lined up any guest posts or done any real prep work. So in many ways it should be no surprise that most of my posts have been a scramble to just write something and let myself get to bed.

But maybe in the end that is really the point, just to get myself accustomed to opening up a blank draft box and typing little words, one after the other. And maybe instead of causing a giant drop-off in my writing (like has happened in every previous year), this method will actually get me back to a more reasonable blogging schedule.

Either way, thanks for following along and if you haven’t commented yet, please do! It would be great to know who all makes up the 50 unique visitors this site has had this month.


Flashback to fall

November 14, 2012

Since it seems clear that Seattle has finally rounded that slight corner from fall into winter (essentially add some rain and subtract 10 to 15 degrees), I thought I would share some of my photos from this fall. One of my regrets from my first year in Washington was how I didn’t really get outside the city limits of Seattle very much. Other than a ferry ride to Bainbridge island, a trip to Orcas Islands with my parents, the beach house reunion and an occasional conference on the Eastside, I mainly stuck around home. Obviously much of that had to do with not owning a car, limited income and generally not having that key group of friends that helps make weekend trips happen.

However this fall I managed to move my number of visits to Eastern Washington from 0 to 3 all within a month. Here are a few photos of those adventures (one of which was already chronicles in my wine tasting post):

Washington scenery continues its stunningly successful "impress the heck out of Abby" campaign

A staff retreat took me to the foothills of the Cascades in North Bend, WA.

Autumn in Seattle #fromthebuswindow

I think this fall has had much better leaf colors this year, or maybe I just didn’t notice them as much last year.

Driving home through the pass #mennocountryauction #latergram

Driving through the mountain pass during sunset = pretty

Eastern Washington is a beautiful place #mennocountryauction

Eastern Washington doesn’t look like Western Washington

Headed into the mountains #mennocountryauction

The drive on 90 through the mountains heading east is a good one to take this time of year.

Slightly better than your average Seattle sunset! #nofilter

Seattle sunset, with a does of extra glowiness.

Soooo, this view is only 15 min away from the new office #winning

Seattle is a pretty city.


Random Video Post

November 13, 2012

Today was a good day, but coming up with something substantial to say at 10:30pm at night doesn’t sound very feasible. So instead you get this video! Background for this is that I have always been a fan of board games, however I have never been a big fan of learning new games. Therefore this video series named Tabletop by the YouTube channel Geek & Sundry fills a vital hole in my life by introducing me to new games and also reducing the amount of time it takes to learn new game mechanics. Oh and did I mention it is hosted by Wil Wheaton and mostly hilarious too.


I moved this weekend!

November 12, 2012

So the big news about this weekend is that I moved in with Alex (yes this Alex). I have been reticent to share this news for two reasons.

The first is that coming from the background I come from, I tend to get a range of reactions to this. For some of my friends, the response tends to be “Congrats, that’s really exciting!”. From other (and no less loving sources) the response tends to be more mixed. You see, being a Christian and sharing an apartment with your boyfriend are two things that don’t always mix well in people’s mind. But for me and Alex that paradox isn’t a problem.

The second is that writing about the personal details of my relationships is not something I like to do too much of on this blog. So suffice to say while I love Alex dearly and am really excited to be taking this step with him, I also don’t feel like going into all the points along the way that lead us to this decision. That said, if you do happen to know me in real life (in any capacity really) feel free to email me directly if you would like to talk more about this. While I have been horrible about email this fall, I have every intention of making up for lost time.

Without further ado, here is a picture taken from my new living room of the brief patch of blue sky that existed in Seattle today:

Seattle had a completely legit patch of blue sky today!


Random photo Sunday

November 11, 2012

Tai being cute

I hope you all had enjoyable weekends! I did too, however now it is almost Monday and I think I might be coming down with a cold. So instead of a blog post, you get this cute cat photo, enjoy!