Green Bean Casserole

November 26, 2012

Tonight was a busy one in that I made two batches of Green Bean Casserole, one for a work post-Thanksgiving potluck tomorrow and another for a potluck and play event with Alex’s family.
Green Bean Casserole I
The first I made using Alton Brown’s tried and true Best Ever Green Bean Casserole which was fun because I got to make my own “fried” onions (not fried, but baked at high temperature after receiving a coating of flour and bread crumbs), make mushroom sauce out of real mushrooms instead of the stuff from the can.
Green Bean Casserole II
The second is the same recipe, but without the garlic or onions due to some food allergies. Instead of the onions I just used some lightly buttered bread crumbs. Thanks to my planned attendance at both of these potlucks I will get to taste both, so let the taste testing begin! Oh and if you are more of the visual recipe type, try out this handy-dandy video where Alton Brown shows you how to make green bean casserole.

Then deciding, that for some reason, I hadn’t gotten the kitchen messy enough, I decided that the staff potluck really needed something pumpkin themed too (no one signed up for a dessert!), so I whipped up one of my favorite go-to recipes – Nutty Pumpkin Bread from the Simply in Season. Unfortunately both loaves are still in the oven, so no pictures of that one. But I can say that I do what I do to most deficient pumpkin recipes, and added a handful of chocolate chips. Thankfully Alex has agreed to stay up and take the loaves out of the oven, so with that, I will be heading to bed.



  1. What lucky co-workers and friends.

  2. That’s my favorite pumpkin bread recipe, too! I haven’t added choc chips to it, ever, but I do adore pumpkin and chocolate together so why NOT?!

    Maybe if I made green bean casserole from scratch, I would like it.

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