How to have a lovely Seattle picnic

November 24, 2012

As is documented by The Oatmeal (local and web-famous cartoonist), summer is an event to be celebrated here in the Pacific Northwest. Now I may not get out into the mountains for as many hikes as I would like, but I am an avid fan of picnics. Simple, delicious and inherently relaxing, a good picnic in Seattle only requires a few things.

Jess helps Katie celebrate her birthday

First, good company is a good place to start. In this case, I had the lovely Jess visiting from out of town and dear Katie who happily supplied the occasion by turning 28. Throw in a blanket and you are almost there.

Gasworks park during the best light of the day

Next, select a spot with a nice view. Also time of day is key here, so I generally tend to go for supper or at least late afternoon events, because who can argue with golden light like that.

Another weekend in August, another picnic

Finally you need food. This is again pretty simple stuff, some fresh veggies, sweet berries, a loaf of good bread and some cheese and bam – delicious meal on a blanket!

Post picnic birthday pie

While clearly only bonus points, I also highly recommend getting some fresh pie to complete your lovely summer picnic.

One comment

  1. what a view! makes me want to come have a picnic with you. 🙂

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