Some facts and/or recommendations

November 7, 2012
  • I frequently walk past a car wash and every time I am struck by the strong smell of crushed Smarties (those little pellet sugar candies). While I think it is doubtful that those form the secret ingredient in car wash soap, I have to admit I wouldn’t be completely surprised.
  • Despite not being a huge fan of country music, I have been absolutely loving the new TV show, Nashville. It has beautiful songs (especially the duets by the two singer-songwriter newbies), the always amazing Connie Britton, good writing and a solid cast. Check it out!
  • Tonight Alex and I made this delicious roast chicken with olives and grapes. Sounds odd, but the sweet and salty marry so well with the chicken that it is truly a glorious dish. It is a recipe out of Smitten Kitchen’s new cook book, which is chock full of things I now want to cook/bake pronto.
  • While I make no qualms that I would be unprepared to handle the crazy energy levels or time commitment of a puppy, this reminded me of why I like dogs: http://youtu.be/dEmq6Denjqo
  • It is only 7 days into NaBloPoMo and I already hit one of those “Oh crap I completely forgot to blog and now I just want to go to bed moments”. But I bet you couldn’t tell that, could you, considering the high level of planning, thought and careful editing visible in this very post.


  1. My elder daughter has just returned from Hawaii, bringing me green pearl earrings and the most delicious mint M&Ms! Fortunately the tsunami forecast while she was there did not eventuate (she was at a hotel near the shore,and she and her companion retreated up the mountain, but the sea rose only a few feet). However, I really feel for the suffering of the people who experienced the Sandy Storm.

    • What lovely gifts from your daughter, it sounds like she has good taste and I am glad to hear the tsunami forecast didn’t end up occurring!

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