Complete filler post

April 14, 2012

Last night Katie informed me oh so politely that I haven’t posted here since February. Ah, tut, tut! I have to admit I was somewhat aware of that, however that dreadful snowball of “giant update needed”, “oh I really should upload those pictures from my trip first”, and so on and so forth led me down the path of sad empty blog.

At her recommendation, I won’t actually attempt that long overdue update now, but this is just a quick hello, check the pressure, kick the tires type of thing (wow, my car analogies are quite horrid and should definitely be retired) and since nothing bores more quickly than an avid navel-gazer trying to explain why they haven’t gazed at their navel in public recently. I will end here. Hopefully now that this post (in its rather shortened, nothingness) is out there, more will follow. Keep your fingers crossed!

One comment

  1. Mennogirl: I expect pictures of a new baby, at the very LEAST, the next time I visit. A witty in-depth analysis of the sociological ramifications of a generation that grew up on “Twilight” and “The Hunger Games” may be reserved for the post after next, if you must wait that long.

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