Day 12 – A collection of interesting links, thoughts about Lent, the weather and why I haven’t been blogging

February 26, 2012

So obviously my attempt to post 5 days a week in February has not taken place. Sad to say, my goal to take a photo every day has been equally a failure, however I don’t actually feel too badly about it, because I both posted more AND took more pictures than I had during the previous two months.

In the good news department, I have several almost completed drafts of various things rolling around in the blog, so hopefully February will still finish strong.  But as following my long tradition of following up long blogging absences with list/link based posts, here are some interesting tidbits from my life and internet browsing:

1. I decided to give up sugar for Lent, which although containing a rather loose interpretation of “sugar” (basically avoiding sweet things including but not limited to diet coke, honey on my bread (but bread remains okay, cause come on!), the vast majority of baked goods, ice cream, chocolate, etc).  This is actually not nearly as challenging for me as giving up salty things, cheese or other more beloved foods. However I have definitely missed chocolate a few times already and have missed my weekend habit of making pancakes or french toast on Saturday mornings.

2. I found myself quite awed, saddened and overall impressed by this collection of World Press Photo Winners from 1955 to 2011. I agree with Kottke’s statement that these are amazing photos that don’t present a very positive view of humankind (many of the photos are graphic portrayals of the horrible things that humans inflict on each other). However I was also struck that while many of the photos portray deep painful grief, there can be no huge upswellings of grief without the larger underlying foundation of great love. Hopefully a similar collection of the next 56 years will have more photos depicting peace and equality breaking out, than the last 56 years of wars, cruelty and pain.

3. In a fascinating glimpse into Seattle weather, today we passed through sunshine, snow flurries, cloudy skies, and some rain all on the 25 minute drive to church.

4. I loved this list of advice for young people, from which the following highlight can be drawn:

Yes, you should not worry too much about the consequences and you should definitely quit your job that you hate and it’ll probably all work out great. Job quitters are the happiest people around.

5. This last link is mainly for Katie, or any other Star Wars lovers, this great post comes up with the perfect way to integrate the far inferior 1-3 trilogy (the one with Jar Jar Binks) into one’s viewing of the original trilogy. While this would make for an all to epic one night marathon, this definitely stirred my interests in re-watching Star Wars some time soon.


  1. I wrote a long comment and then your blog ate it. I disagree with the author about Ep. 1 – it was the best of the prequels by virtue of having Liam Neeson, the duel with Darth Maul, and John Williams’ music in it. The other two movies only have John Williams’ music in it, and quite frankly that only makes them just bearable. It does, however, not have much to do with how Anakin became Vader, unless you ignore the other two and develop your own story about how Qui-Gon’s death directly contributed to that (which is much better than the crappy one the actual films came up with. Also, your own story might have more female characters in it.)
    However. This is an interesting idea. We should try it sometime.
    P.S. If you have the originally mastered trilogy then you don’t have to worry about Haydn Christensen popping up at the end.

    • Booo, for my blog eating your comment, bad blog! I think you have a good point about the pluses of Ep. 1, however I thought the author of the post had a good point in terms of how to approach the story line while still preserving key Star Wars plot twists. But in the end, it basically made me want to re-watch Star Wars, even the crappy prequals, I think we should make plans to have this happen some time in the next couple of months!

  2. Thanks for sharing the link to ‘advice for Young People.” Also, (though I don’t think I’ll view the photo collection right now), I appreciate your line, “However I was also struck that while many of the photos portray deep painful grief, there can be no huge upswellings of grief without the larger underlying foundation of great love.” Yes! An important truth.

  3. Also, I’m amused by the fact that we were probably writing about Lent around the same time last night;)- though I keep updating my post. Anyway, just want you to know that I did not write my post after reading yours.

    • Great minds think alike 🙂

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