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Day 5 – Tax Returns

February 8, 2012

Today during the day I realized that I had obtained all of the various forms I needed to fill out my tax return, so I dutifully printed them out and assembled them in a pile to be taken home with me. Of course then, I forgot the pile completely, but so caught up with the idea of figuring out how much money I was getting back, I decided to carry on anyways tonight and just look at the various PDFs.

I must admit I take a certain glee in filling out taxes, I think this is probably almost entirely due to the fact that thanks to grad school expenses and student loan interest payments I have enjoyed rather substantial (and always somewhat surprising) tax returns for the past 3-4 years.  Plus, there is something enjoyable about filling in little boxes and seeing the number in the upper right hand corner of the site increase. Sad to say, my experiences with those tax returns of previous years left me a little less enchanted with this year’s total.  While nothing to scoff at, this return rates more in the possible airplane ticket (or two) home and less of an airplane ticket to Paris level.  But in the end I should be glad, because this means I did a better job of estimating what I would actually owe the government and didn’t give them massive interest free loans of my money as I had unintentionally done in previous years.

Also apparently the great state of Washington has NO INCOME TAX, which blows my mind a little, so that also made the conundrum of having to fill out two separate state tax returns much simpler (i.e. nonexistent). So I want to wait a bit, double-check the forms I printed off at work and make sure I have all my ducks in a row, before finally filing and getting my hands on that nice little check. Although as of now, my only exciting plans for its use is attempting to revive my somewhat depressed savings account. Who knew moving halfway across the country and taking a massive pay cut would end up dissolving so much of my nest egg? (to which all the other real substantial nest eggs in the world snort a little and give me a patronizing look)