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Day 4 – Weekend re-cap

February 7, 2012

While I didn’t intend to take my two days off this past weekend, that is what happened, so here’s to blogging every weeknight this week!


Just a plain #nofilter picture of the sky in SEATTLE right now!

Other than being one of the bluest sky days I have seen in Seattle, Saturday wasn’t super memorable. Highlights included making IKEA meatballs with Alex, buying stamps from the post office and getting to play an indulgent 4 hours of Civilization 5.


Anna and I chillin' during the Superbowl party

On the other hand Sunday was lovely, an a cappella service full of good hymns, making this overly complicated (and ultimately somewhat disappointing Рit needed more cheese!) recipe for cheddar, beer and mustard pull-a-part bread, and of course the Superbowl hosted by the lovely Katie and Bryan.  Where I got to hang out with the cutie above and actually kind of paid attention to the game or at least the last quarter or so (butt-touchdown for the win!), spend a fun afternoon with friends and generally have a blast.


Early evening light on the Douglas-Truth branch library

Today I found myself overly tired and so the only highlight was realizing that it is now this light when I leave work!