Day 19 – Update instead of Books

November 19, 2011

So, I just played the most deviously kind of awesome cloak and dagger board game of my life – Battlestar Galactica.  For those of you unfamiliar with the recent TV series (re-making a much campier version from the 70s) the basic plot revolves around the idea that robots have evolved, are hell-bent on destroying humans and best of all, can appear completely human.

This translates to a highly involved board game in which all players (in this case, Katie, Bryan, Alex, Cory and myself) take on various human roles from the TV series and take on the huge chalenge of leading the beleaguered human fleet away from the attacking Cylons and to the mythical paradise, Kobal.  To make it even better, everyone draws loyalty cards, so you know someone in your group is actually a traitor.  Unfortunately for someone like me, whose main goal is to have everyone stay happy, human and achieve group unity, I was doomed for failure. 🙂

It was an expertly played out game, but unfortunately for the human side (which included myself, Alex and Cory), both Katie and Bryan (who had held the highest human positions President and Admiral respectively) eventually revealed themselves to be Cylons in a huge upset towards the end of the game.  Humans still did end up achieving victory, but only very narrowly.  It was quite the harrowing game and once again I proved myself rather horrible at reading people by thinking that Alex, of all people, was a cylon and completely believing both Katie and Bryan.  Ah, cie la vie, it did end up being a fun evening, even if it will probably take me a some time to trust Katie or Bryan in the game playing context (they are both way too good at avoiding suspicion!). 🙂  But if you feel like playing a high strategy game with shifting loyalties and a continued sense of dread and paranoia, I very highly recommend this one.



  1. 1.) I take your distrust as a compliment of a game well-played. You humans did exceptionally well at recovering from the double blow of betrayal from both President and Admiral, especially given that you were all in the brig! (Heh heh.) We shall have to meet up for a rematch some time…

    2.) C’est la vie. C’est is a contraction of ce (this/that) and est (is) that gets smooshed together and drops a letter.

  2. I so want to play this game now. Off to check how much it costs…

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