Day 11 – Random Thought

November 11, 2011

Currently there are 7 people in the living/dining room, Stephen has 2 friends home with him and the rest of us are all at home AND not sitting introvertedly in our own rooms.  Crazy, eh? Currently the conversation is revolving around David’s involvement with Plone and how it compares to PHP built software such as WordPress.  As you can tell we are all a bunch of nerds!

Speaking of WordPress and being a nerd, I recently took the plunge and bought hosting for this blog for a year.  I am excited about the possibility of having my own little space on the web, maybe doing some re-design on this blog, maybe setting up a little real name website.  I did this on Wednesday and I was all about to switch things over when I realized that being in the middle of NaBloPoMo might not be the best time to switch over my platform leaving neither site with an accurate track of my success (or failure) at posting every day.  So I will keep that on the back-burner and hopefully have something really excited to reveal at the end of the month.  Oh and maybe I will actually re-write my about page that I promised to do back in the summer.

Okay, it seems the nerdy talk has died down a bit, so I think I am going to head down and watch an episode of 30 Rock with Alex.  Have a Happy Friday you all!

One comment

  1. You can import these wordpress.com posts to your new wordpress.org self hosted blog! 🙂 I did that with mine.

    Oh. and I completely started picturing this entire thing set at Cana, and not your home in Seattle. Forgot you moved. :\ (But oh so happy you’ll be in town next month for a visit!)

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