Day 9 – Outfits

November 9, 2011

Here is what I wore to work yesterday.  I wanted to look a tad more professional considering I had 4 meetings yesterday (of course 3 of those were webinars, but still).  The quick eyed of you may notice how this is my second time wearing that striped shirt in a week or so, which I think means my personal stylist wins again (that means you Jess!).

November 8, 2011

As always click through to Flickr if you care to note the details of the outfit (although big hint here, most of it came from a thrift store)

And as a special treat for you, because I have no shame, here is a video of my posing in front of mirror for 18 seconds (and yes, of course I listen to NPR in the morning, don’t you?).

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