Day 7 – Linky Monday

November 7, 2011

Thanks to an interview with Bill Nighy on Fresh Air that I listened to on my way to work this morning, I am pretty pumped to watch Page Eight some time this week.  Who is Bill Nighy you may ask? Only the best British rock n’ roller from my favorite holiday ensemble movie!

Remember Who’s Line is Anyways? Good, now go watch this clip of the best Opera set-up ever! Thanks to awesome Tara for the link!

In case you aren’t on Google+, I decided what I want to dress up as next year, an Old-Fashioned Ghost!

I am always a complete sucker for comedians known for their dead-pan humor cracking themselves up – Stephen Colbert cracked up by his own joke! via kottke

Brilliant screenshot video ad by Urlesque set to “We didn’t start the fire” via kottke on Stellar.io

In other news, I think I won best grocery shopping haul tonight by bringing home Plum Sauce (for dipping my potstickers in) and Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream.  Even the cashier noted that with only the addition of something such as Kitty Litter or Pita Bread I could have really swept the Weird Combination Awards.

And finally today marks the first of what will probably be a long series of months in which I don’t get to head home from work in the sunshine….sigh.


  1. I also listened to that interview and have recorded Page Eight to watch at a later date! We’ll have to discuss after we both actually see it!

    • Oooh we should, that would be fun. Also I plan on getting around to State of Play some time soon, now that I know that both Benedict Cumberbatch AND Bill Nighy are in it!

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