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[Insert obligatory statement about not posting for a while]

September 24, 2011

So life has continued at a rather quick pace since I last posted anything here.  Routines have been created – wake up around 7am, shower, breakfast, run to catch the 7:53 bus, transfer, get into the office somewhere between 8:30 and 8:40, drink coffee or tea, desk time, meetings, chatting, planning, lunch, desk time, desk time leave work around 5pm (or sometimes earlier, since I make it in half an hour early), catch the bus, wait in exasperation for my second bus (and if the weather is nice give up and walk home), get home around 6:15 or so, make dinner/eat dinner, get sleepy, chat with Alex, read the internets, read my books, hang out with housemates, sleep.

As for the work itself, I am enjoying it for the most part.  I think it helps that I don’t really miss my old job (the people yes, the job not really).  I like the routine of riding buses (I am reading so many more books now, especially with discovering how well it works to read library books on my iPod) and working in an office with adults.  Sometimes it can get frustrating when the end objectives don’t always seem clear, but I really like my fellow VISTAs and I am excited about our goals.

If you check out my Flickr stream from time to time, you can see that I have been up to some fun things including a train ride around Mt. Rainier with Alex’s family, gone to a church related young adult potluck, numerous happy hours with co-workers and new friends, made blackberry jam, granola and a carrot cake for Alex’s birthday, a celebratory after party with co-workers for the United Way Day of Caring, a weekend at Alex’s grandparents’ lake cabin with friends. So in case you missed them, here are some pictures from the past few weeks:

Heading to potluck on a bridge over Aurora Ave

Downtown Seattle from Fremont

Alex turns 27

Alex and his birthday carrot cake

Happy Hour sunset

Taken from the back deck at Captain Blacks on Capital Hill

Mandi and Elissa get their groove on

Dance party

Stephen, Elissa and Mandi

Stephen, Elissa (my fellow VISTAS) and Mandi (co-worker) at the after party for the Day of Caring

View of downtown Seattle from the stadium

Beautiful Seattle

The gang

Alex and his friends from high school at the lake cabin

Alex and I

Alex and I standing in front of a train

Three generations of Petersons

Alex, his father and his grandfather - on a train


What Seattle means right now

September 6, 2011
  • sore biceps from a two day attempt to tame the crazy weeds in the front and back yard that grow a good 10 inches higher than the grass
  • the smell the acrid burning plastic of the weed whacker after it lit itself on fire to escape my over 60 minute long forced march through the forests of the back yard
  • laughing at (or should I say with?) the cute baby antics of the adorable 2.5 year old guest at our house’s Labor Day BBQ yesterday evening
  • frustrations with the deteriorating state of my room (it shifted from tetris style boxes, to its current configuration of open bins of clothing blocking almost all floor space access
  • the related frustration of having more clothes than closet/drawer space
  • pleasure in the sense of finding new rhythms and schedules to my day
  • the taste of homemade blackberry jam (Katie and I made another batch this weekend) on Alex’s homemade bread
  • the ongoing quandary of not knowing more and more what the larger goals of this year are, but still having little clarity on the day to day goals
  • successfully navigating two extensive bureaucracies to obtain both a WA driver’s license and food stamps
  • lovely video chats with friends in Chicago, Goshen and Florida
  • an enjoyable but less than inspiring church visit (leading me to believe that it will be even harder than I anticipated to find another church home like Reba)
  • the joy of buying my airplane tickets for my first visit home