An update and some random/happy thoughts

June 3, 2011

Well earlier this week I finally got the news that I didn’t get the job. 😦  Obviously that isn’t the happy thought, but actually it really isn’t the end of the world.  I knew going into it that my chances of getting the job were low (not due to any lack of awesomeness on my part, but mainly due to the huge number of equally qualified folks applying to all the same jobs as me) and I was really glad to get the chance to get two more interview practice sessions in.  Sure, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed, but at the same time I never really thought I would actually get this job in the first place.  However the one thing that I have found to be a bit of a downer is that it is looking pretty likely that whatever happens next fall, I won’t be working at a school library.

But on to happier thoughts:

  • Today is Friday! Bringing my countdown to summer down to a measly 7 days!  And while I knew that was coming up, I had managed to kind of forget all the awesome things that brings with it – sleeping in, unstructured days, beach time, lazy time, craft time, sitting on the porch swing sipping iced tea time, movie matinee times, etc.
  • Summer also means a chance to really tackle my out of control to-read list.  I kind of have this half-way serious goal to read as many books this year as I did last, which might be quite hard unless I read about 10-15 picture books like I did for my children’s lit class last spring.  However my alternate goal is to just equal the same number of pages as I read last year and on that account I am doing okay, but a little behind.  But first on my perfect summer read list is Game of Thrones, which I keep hearing endlessly good things about and it has been way too long since I have read a really long involved fantasy series.  Plus this way when the first season of the TV show comes out on DVD I will be prepared.
  • Last night while I was hanging out with Jess and Becca, while the later packed for her upcoming trip to India, I did some mental calculations and discovered that I own 17 cardigans (of which the majority are thrifted)!  I guess this is more a hilarious thought than a happy one, but I just find it so amusing.  Especially when you consider that a) 5 years ago I am pretty sure I owned maybe 1-2 cardigans, tops and b) I actually wear all of these pretty regularly c) could I be a more stereotypical librarian?.  In fact I think this collection would be worthy of its own unique post.   But for brief preview, here are 7 of them that have managed to already photograph:
    Nov 16, 2010February 8, 2011Nov 2, 2010Wednesday Jan 20, 2010July 23July 27August 2


  1. This post made me laugh because I wear cardigans at work all the time too! 🙂

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t get the job. I’m sure something will come along that suits you perfectly.

    I’m interested to hear what you think about Game of Thrones – I gave it a brief try a few months ago but at that point in time my poor brain couldn’t handle the complex plot lines and multitudes of characters. Jason’s been enjoying the TV show but from the way he describes it, I think it’d be a bit too violent for me.

    Hope your last week flies by!

  2. The brown and white cardigan with the red dress is one of my favorite casual-dressy outfits you’ve put together. You know how to rock the cardi’!

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