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updated context page

May 27, 2011

or as I currently title it “info for the context inclined”

So my about page over there on the right is getting a little aged.  Not only is the photo from Tim and Charletta’s wedding over 4 1/2  years ago (holy cow, you guys have been married a while now 🙂 ), but I haven’t updated the text in over two years.  Therefore, I figure what better activity than a little spring blog cleaning.  First of all I figure I should pick a new photo for the page and then I will need to do the hard work of trying to describe myself, at least a little bit.

Here is where you all come in.  The following photos are all pictures of me taken within the past year (or so), but in order to narrow down the options I want your opinion.  Now this doesn’t have to be the best picture of me ever taken, just one that captures part of my personality (and I have admit part of me is a little weirded out by the possible vanity of this proposition, oh my Mennonite ancestors are crying!).*  To encourage you to comment, I am going to have my first ever give-a-way.  So here is the deal leave a comment on this post about what photo you think I should use and I will use a random number selector to pick a winner.  The winner will get either a $10 certificate to Ten Thousand Villages or a $10 certificate to Amazon depending on the winner’s preference and location to Ten Thousand Villages stores.

Oh and since I guess this kind of thing has to have a time limit, the contest will end Tuesday, May 31st at 10pm Central Time (otherwise known as the approximate time I will be returning from my trip to Seattle).

Sparkly Abby

Option 1 (Taken by Jess)

Pinata hat, my favorite kind

Option 2 (Taken by Erini)

Option 3 (Taken by Steph)

"I wonder when it will fall down"

Option 4 (Taken by David)

Option 5

Option 6 (Taken by Becca)

Option 7 (Taken by Tim)

Braided hair detail

Option 8

*Alternately feel free to go poke around in my Flickr page and select a different option.

UPDATE: Voting and Contest are now closed, thanks for participating!