Weekend update

May 25, 2011

So as expected this weekend was quite fabulous.  Not only did all the traditional activities such as outlet mall shopping, cooking, laughing, talking, etc happen, but Sunday was a perfect sunny day in the 80s which allowed us to have the best pool/beach day we have had yet.  Because I am a firm believer in the concept a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some of the highlights (or here is the link for the full set.

Jess readies the bacon

Jess makes even raw meat sexy

Tiny white dots

Pretty flowers I found during a walk down to the lake


The following photos are all good demonstrations of how I have gorgeous friends.


Crystal is such a great story-teller.

Miriam enjoys a tall frosty glass

Miriam enjoys a tall frosty glass of a mystery liquid that may or may not be Steph's incredible mojitos

Doing our best Posh Spice poses

The line-up


Jess in her perfect cocktail dress


I swear this woman is a secret spy for possibly the Russians, or more likely the French

The cottage

Our home for the weekend


Miriam and Becca

Best Outtake ever

This one makes me laugh every time, I love everyone's expressions!

Happy girls!

Happiness in photo form

Oh and before I forget, the interview on Tuesday went well and I should hear by the end of the week if I am moving on to the next stage or not.  Keep your fingers (and toes) crossed!


  1. Awwww! What beautiful pictures of such beautiful people. Great job keeping the Goshen experience alive, ladies! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics. They made me smile.

    • Thanks Fallon, glad you like them.

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