Disaster averted and an overdose of bacon*

May 4, 2011

In the ongoing saga of Abby’s computer and her enjoyment of troubleshooting, the wireless on my macbook gave out Monday night.  I reset it, checked the house modem and asked a housemate if their wireless was working, all to no avail.  Cut off from my main source of information on fixing my computer (the nerd-0verlord Google), I decided to just sign up for a Genius bar appointment on Tuesday night and see what was the problem.  Not looking forward to having to pay for a replacement wireless card on my almost 5 year old laptop, I was a bit apprehensive.  However, I received a happy surprise in that it was only a software/permissions error, so after the wonderfully helpful genius dude repaired the disk using the disk utility function off of the start-up disk, I was good to go!  So once again I am reunited with my beloved laptop and in celebration I highly recommend you celebrate your internet access by reading this Wait, Wait Don’t Blog Me Sandwich Monday report on The Bacon Bomb.

Mike: This is the vessel Kevin Bacon arrived in from his home planet.

Eva: It looks like an old football. “Pigskin” is a much more delicious term than most people realize.

Ian: It’s like someone made some bacon, felt bad about it, and tried to put the pig back together.

*In strong contention for my favorite blog title ever

One comment

  1. Once again, you rock! Also, thanks for sharing the bacon bomb. I especially liked the third comment you put in your post. 🙂

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