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The job search: an update

May 3, 2011

First there were just a few jobs, then there were some more, then there was the interview, then there was the very nice rejection letter and the two other rejection emails (“thanks for applying but we aren’t going to interview you”).  As of today I have found 11 jobs, applied for 9 of them (one still needs to be mailed and another one that just came in today requires 4 new essays, so it will probably take a bit), been rejected by 3, for a total of 8 viable job opportunities.  All that to say, there is a lot of waiting right now, which is not my strong suit.  Personally I would love to have leads and interviews, or if not those, at least nice little rejection notes so I know where I stand.  But when there are 8 jobs out there, for which I can do nothing but wait (and perhaps eventually contact), it is hard to make plans.  And the thing is, I like to make plans.  I like knowing what is coming up next and having an idea of where I will be in 6 months and what I will be doing.  Right now, I have no clue.  In 6 months I could be working at a new job here in Chicago, or a new job in Seattle, or a new job in some far suburb that would possibly require moving for.  Or in 6 months I could be working at Starbucks in Seattle, doing Americorps in Seattle, or some unknown other option.  But other than knowing that by September I won’t be in the exact same job/location/etc that I am right now, I know very little.  And frankly I find that not knowing part rather hard.

So I don’t end on a down note, here look at this picture of Lina totally enjoying the concept of CONCRETE WARMED BY SUN.  Also feel free to make your own lol cat 🙂
Who doesn't love a good roll in the sun soaked cement