to-do list pre-easter version

April 19, 2011

These types of posts are most definitely not really interesting to any of you, but seeing as they tend to actually help me get things done, welcome to another to-do list!  This one is also a kind of happy one, because my deadline for all of these coincides with Alex’s arrival on Thursday night!  So while May is looking rather barren, April kind of rocks because I get to see Alex 14 out of 30 days!

finish correcting RPC educational fund policy and send to LT

– email WW board about date for fundraiser

– complete final 3 out of 9 job applications

re-scan letters of recommendation for smaller file size

water plants

– write and have edited final 3 essays for job applications

– clean up room (i.e. vaccuum!)

– laundry

– pack for weekend in Goshen (don’t bother with spreadsheet! 🙂 )

– get oil changed in car

One comment

  1. I love crossing things of to-do lists and I love spreadsheets.

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