Good things

April 13, 2011

1. Spring Break was so lovely – I could probably write more, but right now I will just say it was a solidly good time as evidenced by these pictures.

Joanna and Tim

Visits with good friends!


Being goofy on sunny afternoons

Cinnamon Rolls

Baking super sugary butter filled rolls of yum

Very prim and proper

Catching up with old friends in new apartments

Seagulls drafting the ferry

Ferry rides at sunset

Alex waits for me to set up the shot

And last but not least spending time with this handsome fellow!

2. I have a cat again – Well, not a particularly new cat, but I am once again living with Lina (formerly known as biscuit/kitty/thumps/cleo/etc) who couldn’t move right away with Jess into her new digs.  So far it is kind of fun to have a cat to snuggle with again, however as I learned last night it is less fun with said snuggle beast decides to noisily investigate one’s closet at midnight.

Cat on a dirty wooden floor

This also means a chance to re-introduce the "pissed kitty" category on this blog.

3. I am talking to Alex tonight – Yay for Skype (or more specifically Google Video Chat)

4. My job interview went well – I know I am going up against at least 20 candidates and have absolutely no idea how the interviewer felt about me (at least in comparison to others), so I am keeping my expectations very very low.  But on the good side, I should know one way or another by next week.

5. Downton Abbey is my new favorite thing – My favorite character is a tie between the dowager countess (Maggie Smith, of course) and the valet with a limp. If you have Netflix or Amazon Prime, you should be able to view this BBC mini-series online. If not rent it, you won’t be disappointed.


Basic plot line is the dual story of an rich aristocracy family and the servants who care for them living in Britain during the early 1900s. The season opens with the sinking of the Titanic and closes with the start of World War I, unfortunately season 2 isn't showing for at least another year.

6. Spring, or at least the sun seems to be here – There is something down right giddifying (and yes I just made that word up) about fresh green shoots.  I always forget how much I love spring, right up until it turns every thing green and all of a sudden my mood improves by at least 50 aesthetic points.

new growth

7. Anticipating baking chocolate raspberry birthday cake – Conveniently my housemates have birthdays every once in while, which I tend to see as excuse to whip up butter, flour and sugar into cake form.  So fun!

She does such neat work!

I won't be baking a cake this size (and I won't have Becca to help 😦 ) but I am going to use this same amazing instant fudge frosting.


  1. They are interviewing 20 candidates?! I can’t imagine how they even keep them all straight. I’m guessing they will do another round of interviewing the top few. Best of luck! If my experience is any record, don’t count on a call back if you don’t get it. Can you imagine the fun job of calling 19 people to tell them they didn’t get the job? I got my first real job after college (Timeter) by calling to find out what happened when I didn’t hear and they hired me because their first choice had quit already.

  2. We should totally Google video chat sometime! I miss you.
    Nice things here:
    – mini orchids selling for $7.99 at King Soopers… SO CUTE!!!
    – the song “You are goodbye” by Holly Conlan. Sad words, but it’s more like a beautiful, wistful sadness. You should YouTube it.
    – my asparagus coming up already!
    – buying new dry-weather plants and reseeding the bare patches in the lawn (it’s so satisfying watching things grow)
    – hiking in a t-shirt because it’s that warm here already (some days, anyway)

    Good luck with the job! Send a thank-you card to the interviewer… it can make you stand out for the extra effort.

  3. Hm. Maybe I should take a break from cleaning once you get done with small group and come over your way, instead of you coming mine. If there is cake. left.

  4. Love Downton, love Katie, love raspberries and chocolate, love you! Miss you! 🙂

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