One week till Spring Break: To-Do List

March 26, 2011

– dig through old file folders and find Illinois Basic Skill Test results and old SAT score (for real, one of my job application wants to know this!)

– finish writing open response questions for CPS application

– have someone read over responses

– submit CPS application

– submit one other job application for random down state Illinois job

– bake/make something for Game Night tonight

– Pack

– contact WW committee about final fundraiser date choosing

– set up WW committee meeting (sort of, still waiting to hear back from folks)

– phone call with WW board member

– write up educational fund policy for church

– make dentist appointment

– clean room to the point that it won’t be painful to return too

– ask around to see if a airport pick-up ride can be arranged for return from Seattle

– finish blog post about recent books I have read and enjoyed

One comment

  1. […] as you can see if you look back at my post from last weekend, I have had a pretty productive week so far.  While there are still a few items left, I am hoping […]

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