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Photo Monday

March 21, 2011

Before I get into showing you pictures I took this weekend, I just wanted to say thank you for all the lovely comments on my previous post, it is really nice knowing that there are so many folks out there being happy for me (and Alex!).  Also holy cow guys! Apparently you like looking at pictures of my boyfriend and I, because my Flickr stats have been through the roof.  Now all I need are some a few rainbow-vomiting pandas, adorable tree-climbing kittens, and some stormtroopers caught in the rain and I will be ready to take over the Internet!

This past weekend I went on a walk to search out signs of the now technically existent spring.  While the trees are not showing any signs of progress there are plenty of small green shoots and actual flowers the help convince me that sunny, breezy blue sky days, perfect for wearing skirts without tights are just around the corner.  It was also really fun to mess around with aperture and force myself to try out a little ISO tricks that I picked up from this post by Karen at Chookooloonks.  I had familiarized myself to aperture and have some knowledge of shutter speed (although the numbers part still confuses the heck out of me), but ISO was a newer concept and one that I need to learn more about.  Here is my own experiment with aperture, also heavily inspired by Karen’s post (roll your mouse over the photo to learn the aperture I used):

f/1.8, which I found a little too blurry and narrow in depth of fieldf/9.0, which created too wide a depth of field which allowed too much background detailsf/4.0, just the right depth of field to create the look I was going forIf you want to see the rest of the photos from my walk, click on one of my favorites below for the full Flickr set.

And finally just to demonstrate how much I still have to learn about photography, here is my rather pathetic attempt to take pictures of the Supermoon on Saturday night.  Head over to this Flickr blog post, to see how it is really done.

And I even had my tripod with me and all my newly minted ideas about shutter speed, alas this was the best I could do.