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Thank you all for such a wealth of good advice

February 28, 2011

It was good to hear that for most people they wouldn’t be offended by this blog appearing as a part of a pre-employment google search (and would even consider it an asset!). 🙂  But I also think Katie’s point about the permanence of meshing professional and personal was a really good one and Justice Bird’s point about cost/benefit analysis were good ones.  This made me think about the fact that while I do occasionally write about professional topics or at least professionally related ones, this has been primarily personal and while I don’t think I need to live in fear of being “found out by an employer” I also might not gain huge amounts by taking down the boundary between personal/professional.   That said, if a potential employer asked to see examples of my blogging, I think I would feel okay using this blog as an example.

Anyways I still have some thinking to do about all of this, but I think I am leaning towards keeping this blog semi-anonymous.  Thanks again for all your great comments, they really helped me with this decision!