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Continuing the trend of photos and links

February 14, 2011

So while maybe not a succinct or well-written update on my life, I figure posting anything at all should at least give me a few half-points.  Let’s reverse my trend from my previous post and start with the links first:

The Moral Crusade Against Foodies – In an interesting response to the Michael Pollan article I posted last time, this presents a rather rabid counter-argument  in which the author poo-poos our entire obsession about food.  While I agree that his comments regarding pursuing the exotic (songbirds forced to eat themselves to death and living out their short lives in darkened cages seems like absolute cruelty regardless of any exotic benefits too taste) are right on the money, I found his anti-Pollan talk a little less well-reasoned and more in the rant category.  However I still found it an interesting read.

Delancey – Apparently this review lists it as the best pizza in Seattle, which makes it even more ridiculous that I haven’t been there yet.  Hopefully I will make this happen during my next trip, especially so I can try their homemade sausage pizza!

75 summer memories for a winter day – Tim, as usual, hits it out of the park with this great post that collects several of his photos from warmer times.  As a fellow Chicagoan, I too am appreciating the “balmy” 40 degree weather and the chance to be reminded that there are actually colors of ground cover besides white (although unfortunately thaw in the city time means more browns and greys than green).

Open Letter to Ann Voskamp – And last but not least, for a switch in tone, my cousin who is currently dealing with cancer, wrote this incredible post about trying to find faith in times of adversity and the strength she has found through a book she read recently.  Not only is this post worth reading, but her entire blog is a great example of funny, honest, and thoroughly good writing.

And for the photo part I will leave you with a picture of Becca, Jess and I all dressed up and headed out for a dinner and a movie on Saturday night.  We of course took this as opportunity to get all fancied up, which as you can see is not a new trend. What can I say I have beautiful friends!