Update on the to-do list

January 23, 2011

Yay! I am on the productive high of conquering the two most avoided points on my to-do list.  As you may remember from my last post, here is the list of things I want to complete by Wednesday:

Mail the long overdue certificate thing (a long lingering remnant of Grad School) Done and done!

Return rain boots purchased online that I didn’t like Okay technically I still need to drop these off at the Post Office cause I missed the Saturday noon cut-off time, but they are all packed up and ready to go

Write Thank You cards for Graduation presents I still need to hunt down one address, but the notes are written, stamped and ready to go.

Write rough draft of church’s Insurance Policy (or more accurately my church’s decision NOT to purchase building or liability insurance) Thanks to my decision to skip the second half of church (yes I realize there is a bit of irony there) I finally found the time and space to write up the rough draft and send it to our pastor.

Call approximately 5 people about Wilderness Wind planning committee This was by far my post dreaded item on the list, due to my keen interest in NOT calling people I don’t know in order to ask them to do things, but I left 3 messages, talked to 2 people and got 1 maybe and 1 YES!

– Get my hair cut (Seeing as the last time this happened was April 2010, I am a little overdue) – Didn’t accomplish, but at 7pm on Monday I will do this

– Pack – Not done, but thought about

– Visit a kitten with my housemate who is thinking of adopting – This may happen today, but it may get pushed back till after Seattle, because our prospective kitten has other folks interested as well.

– Drop my car off at the mechanic to finally get the power steering belt issue (i.e. whatever makes my car squeal when I go around corners) fixed – Plan to do tomorrow after work

– Go with same housemate to Best Buy to look at laptops.  She is contemplating a purchase and I volunteered my nerdy services – Also planning to do this after work on Monday

Write up agenda for Common Life meeting on Sunday morning and then lead said meeting. The meeting went well this morning and I even wrote up the notes and already sent out the minutes.

Okay, now I am off to do a combination of putting together the house puzzle while others watch the game, taking a nap, cleaning room, reading  my book, or perhaps baking some bread.  I hope you all have wonderful Sunday afternoons!


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  1. Well done, you!

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