Sometimes it gets pretty darn cold

January 21, 2011

This morning I experienced a new phenomena in the catalog of “Fun Things about Chicago Winters!” and that was having my eyelashes freeze.  Thanks to -3 degree weather, the scarf (the second of the two I was wearing) wrapped around my face, and the condensation of my breath, Jess pointed out to me in the carpool that my eyelashes appeared to have frozen.  Fortunately for me my eyes were open at the time, so no emergency warm water was required.

In other news, I have a busy week ahead of me before I leave on a Trip! To! Seattle!.  Yes, I may not have mentioned here, but I am combining a three-day weekend, one personal day and one sick day to carve out a time to go visit my friends in the cloudy (but warmer!) Pacific Northwest.  Of course standing between myself and that lovely occurence are the following things.

– Mail the long overdue certificate thing (a long lingering remnant of Grad School)

– Return rain boots purchased online that I didn’t like

– Write Thank You cards for Graduation presents

– Write rough draft of church’s Insurance Policy (or more accurately my church’s decision NOT to purchase building or liability insurance)

– Call approximately 5 people about Wilderness Wind planning committee

– Get my hair cut (Seeing as the last time this happened was April 2010, I am a little overdue)

– Pack

– Visit a kitten with my housemate who is thinking of adopting

– Drop my car off at the mechanic to finally get the power steering belt issue (i.e. whatever makes my car squeal when I go around corners) fixed

– Go with same housemate to Best Buy to look at laptops.  She is contemplating a purchase and I volunteered my nerdy services

– Write up agenda for Common Life meeting on Sunday morning and then lead said meeting.

There I think that mainly covers it, but hopefully come Wednesday evening at around 7pm, I will be safely on my flight and leaving all of this behind.



  1. Yeah Seattle trip!

  2. This is a great and varied agenda, promising much satisfaction as you tick off the items on completion. The idea of frozen eyelashes fascinates me, especially since we are having a rather tropical summer, with a local bridge washed away each month since November. (They just keep replacing it….)

    Did your housemate buy the kitten? Are cats expensive in the USA? (Photo, please?)

  3. New kitten! But what will Bert & Puddle/Koosh think?! But a little furball will be exciting. 🙂

    Jess & I were talking about how I need to visit… I think this needs to happen before classes start in April.

  4. “my eyelashes appeared to have frozen” –> Chicago

    “(but warmer!) Pacific Northwest” –> Seattle

    The eyelashes would have definitely been the tipping point for me.

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