happy winter solstice

December 21, 2010

Hmm, I guess in retrospect that was a bit of a downer post yesterday.  I mean I should clarify that I am really quite happy to be done with my masters and excited about being a librarian.  I think I just find it odd how quickly even big things in my life can feel like normal all over again.  That said I figure I would give you a little peak into some of the highlights of the past few weeks other than you know the work part.

Miriam can up for a visit and it was truly wonderful.  We watched two movies (one in the theater and one on DVD*) and while neither were what one would call “a quality achievement in film-making” they were both highly entertaining.  We put together two puzzles, listened to lots of Christmas music, ate yummy Italian food, went thrifting and generally obtained the perfect balance of sitting around being cozy and warm and venturing out to do fun things.

I went to the library and checked out a bunch of books for fun!  Several of which were the most recent volumes in the Fables graphic novel series.  I then proceeded to spend much of yesterday afternoon laying in bed reading them.  Ah the luxuries of vacation.

I also helped one of my housemates out in preparing flowers and decorations for a wedding at our church.  I have never really worked with flowers before and was kind of intimidated by the idea of doing so.  But in the end it was kind of fun.  See look, I helped make this:

Now I am only 2 days away from heading back to Goshen for a full week of fun, family and probably no falafel.  I think I might try to keep posting here through the end of the year and maybe even if I am feeling up for it taking a stab at updating my long neglected about page.

*And I will only tell you what they were if you promise not to judge! Okay, you just pinky swore right? We watched Knight and Day on DVD and despite being silly and cliche it was oddly hilarious.  I think in part because Tom Cruise is really only designed to do one thing and that is do the action star thing and he does it quite well.  And the other is not one that I am embarrassed to say that I liked, just maybe a bit embarrassed to say that I actually went back with my housemate yesterday and saw it in theaters again.  However now I can say without any doubt (not that much existed before) but don’t waste your money on 3D, at least not on Tangled.  But do see that movie at some point because it contains the single funniest horse ever animated.


  1. “the single funniest horse ever animated” is an awesome phrase! No judgement here, I definitely want to see Tangled at some point.

  2. Christmas is certainly the time for movie-viewing. I saw “The King’s Speech” on Tuesday, partly because I am a mad monarchist, and partly because one of my daughters is a speech therapist. A very moving film with some humour.

    A happy new year to you and your family.

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