cough, cough, is this thing on?

December 20, 2010

There is no good way to open up a new post after a 20 day unexplained absence, especially when you know you write a personal blog with no discernible theme other than the random debris that floats through ones head.  Let’s just say that I was on blog vacation due to the lack of vacation in my life.  Of course the other problem with this whole “actually writing a post again” thing is that all those half-thought out posts that lingered in my head during the time I was not blogging always disappear leaving me staring at an opening paragraph that is rapidly filling itself with half-apologetic meta stuff.  So let’s cut to the chase –

Since we last talked, I finished up student teaching, wrote a final paper, pulled together a portfolio, and got a job (or at least re-enlisted for my old job at the high school).  So now I am sitting here on “Christmas break” with all but the actual diploma to mark the end of two and half years of grad school.  You would think at the end of this long trek, I would have at least some idea of how I ended up here, but I have to say I look around and think to myself, “So that’s it, I have a masters?”.  Now don’t get me wrong I did learn a lot, experienced a lot and feel much more prepared to actually do the work of a librarian, but as is often the case for me when I look back on my life, I don’t actually feel that much different.  I remember feeling a bit like this after returning from my crazy summer trip of 2007.  Somehow exciting/challenging/new/frustrating/different experiences have a way of feeling a bit like a bubble that as soon as you finally get through one side, pop right back into reality.  That said, I am quite glad to be standing at this end of the papers, classes and endless commuting, than where I was back in September of 2008.

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  1. Congrats, Abby! That is a HUGE accomplishment. I remember feeling the same way when I graduated from college, like I should have some great major plan now, but I mostly just felt the same.

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