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day 29 – linky Monday

November 29, 2010

Well, seeing as I have no more vacation excuses to throw at you and still have not actually gone through or uploaded the many Thanksgiving pictures I have, I figure I will distract you from any apparent lack of thoughtful blogging by showing you random things on the internet that I have found interesting recently.

Charletta showed this rather brilliant video about the state of education and society in general to the family on Sunday afternoon and it sparked a lot of good conversation.  I know it is pretty long, but the incredible artwork that accompanies the speech is an added bonus to reward your attention.

Mathew Baldwin (of Defective Yeti) fame created this list of Animated films for Grown-ups, I have seen several of these and would like to see more.

Jesse (a friendly acquaintance from college) has started a blog in which he is reviewing the World.  Despite a rather ambitious goal, Jesse is off to a great start with reviews of Thanksgiving, Harry Potter books from Best to Worst, and a new cereal.

In the friends from college category, Emily recently posted a really fascinating write up of her experience joining a local food co-op.  Once a month the group meets to share harder to prep foods with each other as to try new food, eat more homemade food and have fun together.  I would love to get involved with something like this.

Every year I love looking through the National Geographic Photography finalists.  Such a wide variety of inspiring photographs from all over the world!  But if you don’t have time for the full site, the Big Picture has curated 30 great pictures.

While the picture itself is raw and graphic (as war photos often are) I was incredibly struck by the back story of this iconic photo of the first female war correspondent killed during the Vietnam war.

One of the consistently hilarious bloggers that I regularly read, Alice Bradley of Finslippy recorded this very amusing and apt conversation with her 8 year old son.

My cousin’s husband works as an English teacher and therefore gets to read some incredible and often amusing work produced by young people.  Go read some of the works his students wrote when he assigned them disparaging love poems.

And what would a link post be without a little XKCD.  This is a guest post by Zach Weiner and it depicts the Smithsonian Museum of Dad-Trolling.