day 28 – home again home again

November 28, 2010

Well technically I am no longer on vacation, but seeing as it is after 10pm and I almost forgot to post today, this will have to do.  But I have to say my thanksgiving break was wonderful! Lots of family, friends, food and relaxation.  How about you? How was your Thanksgiving/weekend?


  1. Our Thanksgiving was good as well–now to recover from the traveling part of it.

  2. A friend of ours from the US made pumpkin pie for Saturday night, but we don’t have any equivalent for Thanksgiving, except for ANZAC DAy on 25 April, which is taken very seriously but is not so much of a family celebration. Oddly enough, we do have a holiday for the Melbourne Cup on the first Tuesday in November, which seems very trivial in comparison with real national celebrations, but it is part of the culture.

    We’ve just had our State of Victoria elections, resulting in a change of government. Today is the second day of summer, so we had a fierce storm with even a scattering of hail….

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