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day 27 – still on vacation

November 27, 2010

So another photo post!  Although today was another great day of lounging around the house with the family. But thrown into the mix was a great visit to the super cute baby of college friends, coffee with another friend from college, and another huge dinner with family (this time we had an aunt and uncle and two cousins here too!), and some more games including several rousing (and stressful!) rounds of Up-Jenkins/Down-Jenkins and three good rounds of Rummikub.   This has truly been a great weekend, but of course like all good things, the end is quickly approaching, so I am trying to ween myself off my vacation style of up late and sleeping in late, so hopefully (if I am wise) I will be off to bed soon.

This brilliant (and hilarious) group game entails everyone writing a beginning sentence or phrase on a piece of paper and then passing it to the person next to them in the circle. That person then does their best to illustrate the sentence and folds under the original sentence and passes the paper on. The next person then writes a caption describing the picture, folds it the first picture under and passes it on. This process continues until the sheet is full. This of course leads to some hilarious misunderstandings. For example this was my original sentence, "The pig was on the fence about what to eat for dinner." led through some interesting twists and turns to "Near the famous cross shoe the cat dreamed of the lightening Pokeman, while the flames drew near"