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day 24 – Outfit Post Wednesday

November 24, 2010

I seriously need to clean my mirror! Although I think some of the scratches may be of old age origin and not just dust, but still I should give the mirror the benefit of the doubt.  Anyways this outfit was in large part to feeling ridiculously underdressed at student teaching Monday.  It was parent-teacher conferences, so I knew there would be no students and therefore assumed, “oh, work day, therefore wear comfy jeans and a get ready to put up a bulletin board!”.  Fortunately I at least wore a nice cardigan to cover up my grubby tee-shirt, but none the less, I felt distinctly out of place amidst all the teachers and staff in their nicest pantsuits, all prepared to meet with the parents of the Northshore.  So Tuesday was my attempt to make up for that oversight on my part.  As usually head over to Flickr to see the details of the outfit, although I will say I think this outfit says a lot about my closet in that it is both 50% thrifted and showcases my boots which were an investment to say the least.  Although I have to say my favorite part of this outfit was my hair, which I learned how to do by watching a neat tutorial on YouTube.  I think this may become a go to hair style for me, fairly simple and actually lasts throughout the day, even without hair spray (which I have always hated!)

In other news, the drive from Evanston to Lafayette and then to Goshen went well today and Jonathan and I safely arrived in Goshen.  Since then I have baked one pie, made cranberry sauce and stuffing and had supper with my parents.  Jonathan is busy down in his “workshop” playing with robotics (because that is what he does for fun!), Mom is setting the table for tomorrow, Dad is picking Tim and Charletta up from the train and in a little while I am going to head out to have a catch-up drink with Steph.  I hope you all have happy thanksgivings and tomorrow I will share more details about the dishes I have cooked and maybe even the meal in general.