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day 22 – Lame Post Monday

November 22, 2010

Today felt much like a vacation day because, due to parent/teacher conferences, I worked 3pm to 9pm, which meant I slept in and generally was able to have a lazy morning.  But the best part of the day was this schedule also allowed me to have a long overdue catch-up coffee with a friend and finally get another business phone call in for Wilderness Wind 25th anniversary planning committee.  Then when I actually got to work I spent the whole evening cutting out ogre feet out of foam board, glueing fake hair on them and generally working on my fantasy series bullitin board.  Tomorrow I should finish that up and hopefully have a picture for you.

But mainly what I am most interested in right now is looking at these great pictures, Tim took during our Labor Day family outing.  Don’t I have the most talented brothers!