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day 20 – another placeholder post

November 20, 2010

I know, I know the purpose of blogging everyday for a month is not to fill your blog with meaningless little one-liners (that aren’t even funny), but between baking a giant cake (96 Tbs of butter = feeding cake to a whole church) and heading off to see Harry Potter 7: Part 1, I have only now had a chance to get to this here blogging thing. ┬áBut to make up for yesterday and today I promise a giant catch-up post tomorrow in which there will be a review of teaching (spoiler alert – it went really well!), lots of cake-baking pictures, possible review of Harry Potter movie and who knows maybe some other rambling. ┬áBut anyways I have to say I don’t feel too guilty about not posting anything more significant, because at least right now it means I am having too much fun experiencing life to have much time to record it.