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day 18 – Continued

November 18, 2010

For some unknown and VERY annoying reason my blog keeps eating (and the spitting back out spitefully) the photos from my Mom’s guest post. I keep trying and trying to update the post with the correct links, photos, etc, but it refusing to comply. So I am giving up for the night and maybe tomorrow’s post will be all about how my blog learned its lesson and stopped being such a pesky little imp.

UPDATE: 36 hours later and for some reason WordPress is now happily allowing me to include photos again, so now finally Thursday’s entry is complete.


day 18 – guest post from my Mom

November 18, 2010

Now if you remember last week I hinted that I might be having a guest post by my Mom some time this month and lucky for you that has indeed come to pass.  In this post you get to hear about the fun vacation my parents took to Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.  If have been wondering where I get my love of photo-based vacation wrap-ups, I think this post should clear up any questions.  I think my favorite photo is the one of my Dad skipping stones, such a great capture by Mom.  Oh and if you want to see the photos she is referring to head over here and as for Tim’s photos I don’t think they are online yet.

Washington Island

As John and I began planning for our vacation of traveling around Lake Michigan we were delighted to find that our family could join us for the first days in Door County, WI. Our children were the photographers during those days and you can see photos on their blogs. When they left to return home, John and I headed to Washington Island for a day of exploring and bike riding.

We were glad for jackets on the ferry ride to the island but the sun soon warmed us up.

The ferries we met were quite full.

We arrived to find a long line of people and pets with their vehicles waiting for a ferry ride back to the main land. Labor Day marked the end of vacation for many people but we were only beginning ours. We found an interesting story-telling man at the information center, filled our water bottles and headed out.

We stopped for a mid-morning snack before heading out across the island.

The weather showed its many faces during the day; bright sunshine to clouds and showers. We managed to ride between showers and enjoyed a variety of shelters during the rainy spells. We bought our lunch at a local grocery store than headed north.

John enjoyed skipping stones at Schoolhouse Beach.

The cedar trees provided shelter during one shower.

We found the one of a kind Norwegian Stavkirke Church.

The day had other stops such as Mountain Park & Tower, but after an ice cream stop during another shower we made our way back to the dock. This may be a place worth visiting again.