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day 16 – Cooking with Abby

November 16, 2010

Tonight I looked to Smitten Kitchen for inspiration and tried her Spicy Squash Salad with Lentils and Goat Cheese.  However I of course modified the heck out of it and threw in some extra garlic, curry and parsley to the spice mixture and then when I realized that it actually served 6 only as an appetizer I threw in some quinoa with the lentils.

That I think was the undoing of the texture part of the dish which ended up resembling a casserole more than a salad due to my overcooking of the quinoa and lentils.

But as my housemates assured me it tasted pretty darn yummy and the flavors are a great combination – roasted spiced butternut squash with smooth tangy goat cheese!

Then to round off the meal I microwaved some green beans with almonds and mushrooms and Penny cut up a fresh pineapple, all in a all a good meal.