day 15 – Lame Post Monday

November 15, 2010

I am not normally a fan of cold sandwiches for lunch.  Maybe it the hundreds I ate of those during childhood, where “Hot Lunch” was a longed for event that only happened once a month (or was it more than this, but it just seemed this rare), but whatever the reason I tend to like warm things for lunch or maybe a really good salad.  But today I tried out a long forgotten combination and it was so good I think I might have the same thing tomorrow for lunch – Peanut Butter, Honey and Banana sandwich.  I lightly toasted the bread in the morning, so by lunch time it was not too soggy, but the honey had soaked into the bread and the peanut butter and banana had mooshed together a little bit.  Crazy good sandwich, and really cheap too!



  1. I still love cold Lebanon bologna sandwiches with cheese and a thin slice of fresh tomato. Maybe it’s because we never eat Lebanon bologna (or any kind of bologna for that matter) anymore.

  2. Oh man, I second the Lebanon bologna comment. And I just found a place where I can buy it in Seattle!

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