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day 13 – what I did today

November 13, 2010

This morning my housemates and I enjoyed a rare treat, baked french toast.  David is quite the expert at these and makes the dish whenever Penny (his wife) insists he clean out the freezer of old bread.  After breakfast I headed off to a church leadership meeting, which I always tend to dread, but then tend to find way better than I expect.  We made plans to present our budget plan for next year to the congregation during a meeting on Sunday night.  After the meeting I stopped by Jess’ and we caught up, she fed me pizza and then I helped her ice a cake for a baby shower.  Making icing is quite fun, especially if you add the milk tablespoon by tablespoon and get to watch all the stages of icing coagulation.

After that I headed back to my house where I got momentarily (or probably closer to 45 minutes) distracted by our house’s latest puzzle (welcome to winter the season of knitting (maybe?) and puzzles!) and then decided that my room was a fright and needed picking up.  Here is proof:

As I have said before, the clutter-level of my room is a pretty good indication of my business.  So I would say, I have a lot going on right now based on this photo.  So I did a lot of putting away clothes, picking up general stuff and trying to clear the all important pathway from the door to the bed.  Unfortunately that pile of papers that could be called a desk is still in the same state of disarray.  But look at my pretty closet!

I hadn’t yet actually fully transitioned my clothes from summer to winter, so this was long overdue.  But the color organization I actually did a couple of months ago and while it doesn’t always stay this coordinated, I like how it helps me figure out what the heck I am going to wear.

After picking up my room, I made pizza fondue (tomato sauce with fennel seeds and lots of cheese that you dip veggies and bread in) for my housemates for supper.  It was super yummy, although led to an odd trifecta of meals of for the day (french toast, pizza, pizza fondue).  Then I traipsed down the alley to Becca and Jess’s to catch up on two week’s worth of Big Bang Theory and then back home with intentions of homework, but in reality, more puzzle and writing this blog.

Good night you all.