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day 10 – Outfit Wednesday

November 10, 2010

Please excuse the blurry picture, but I have yet to find a good well-lit place, that also has a full length mirror, to take outfit pictures at.  This is a pretty regular outfit for me and I am mainly excited about it because I only rediscovered another trove of packed away sweaters Monday night and this lovely green one was amongst them.  I have worn this shirt/sweater combination several times and I love the slightly Jane Austin lines it forms.  Anyways this is actually what I wore yesterday,  but then if you read last week’s post you should be expecting that.  🙂

A quick note on today, book fairs are awesome and essentially a chance to both a) wonder around looking at new books all day and b) sell them to eager students with wads of cash from their rich parents.  Only downside is the incredible number it did to my lower back after standing ALL. DAY. LONG.