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day 8 – Lame post Monday*

November 8, 2010


Yep, you guessed it, those are 3D paper dragon heads.

So that cutting out a paper dragon head that I mentioned in my post yesterday? Well, this evening I spent over 4 hours glueing that one and two larger versions of the scaly beast together.  On the downside I have dried glue all over my hands and a creak in my back because I was stupid enough to think that sitting on my bed was a good craft location.  On the upside, I am quite caught up on TV shows and have three new friends, Mr. Scary Head, his friend George and their small cousin Imogene.  Soon they will join their good friend Mr. Scary Head Junior in decorating the Fantasy Series book display I am putting together at school.

Sorry this has been such a lame start to the week, but trust me I have at least one awesome post coming up, my Dad has written a guest post!

*Or incredibly nerdy/cool Monday if you are a big fan of paper dragon heads