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day 5 – 45 minutes left to post in the day means bullet points for everyone!

November 5, 2010
  • So I was going to write up a post for today all about my student teaching and tell you about all the random fun things that I get to do under the awesome umbrella of school librarian, but I think I will wait to do that until I plan on at least reading over a post at least once before publishing.
  • Highlight of the day = watching the movie Temple Grandin, an exceedingly well-done bio movie about the real life autistic woman who overcame huge obstacles to carve a life of meaning and richness for herself.  Here is a trailer in case you need any persuading:
  • Second Highlight of the day = getting all my lovely new prints from Snapfish that I ordered this past week.  They had a giant sale (thanks to Leah for the tip) where you could get 100 free prints by ordering two 8×10 prints ($6 total) and so I finally printed out a bunch of my favorite pictures from the past 4 years or so.  With all the many online ways of processing/storing/viewing digital photos, I think I often forget the lovely thrill of holding an actual print in your hands.  It definitely serves as a good reminder for me to keep taking pictures AND get them printed out everyone once in a while.
  • Random Point = Thanks to all of you new and regular commenters, it has been great to get all the lovely little emails this week telling me people have commented.  I really enjoy it and it makes this whole blogging thing make a lot more sense to me!
  • Second Random Point = I just had the loveliest realization that my church leadership meeting is not actually TOMORROW morning, but next week! Weee! sleeping in and being lazy on a Saturday, I can’t wait!