day 4 – things I believed as a child

November 4, 2010
  • Police will never pull you over for speeding if you are only going 5mph over the limit.
  • You are perfectly safe riding without a seat belt as long as you are a) in the back seat and b)on a divided lane highway (less stopping and starting or alternately, a crash at that speed will kill you either way?).
  • If all parties involved are really nice people, no one will get hurt.
  • As an adult, going out on Friday and Saturday nights will seem exiting and appealing and you will no longer just want to sit around read a book.
  • Tights are annoying and pointless invention mainly because they are essentially knitted tubes of holes.
  • Coffee is gross despite it’s great smell, in fact drinking it closely resembles the idea of drinking vanilla extract
  • By the time I am 25, I will definitely have life completely figured out.


  1. I still believe the first one!

  2. I still believe 1, 5, and 6! To this date, I’ve never been pulled over going 5 mph over, including yesterday when I drove right by 3 cops throughout the day going 5 over.
    And coffee is only good with the addition of lots of sugar and cream (which actually holds true for vanilla extract, too).
    I think tights are torture devices.

  3. You probably got number 2 myth from me when I would occasionally take out the middle seat in the van for our trips to PA and allow you kids more lounging options for the 10 hour trip. You might remember that Mom was never very enthusiastic about this and secondly, I don’t know that I said it was perfectly safe but it seemed the lower level of squabbling made it worth the additional risk.
    I still believe coffee (except for Turkish) is gross.

  4. Amy – I still kind of do to, although I now tend to drive about waiting for the other shoe to drop and end up with my first ticket!
    Tara – Ha, your comment made me smile, speaking of which we are long overdue for a phone date!
    Dad – Yep pretty sure that is definitely directly correlated šŸ™‚

  5. My dad thought it was safe to:
    A) lay down suitcases to level out the floor of the back seat so I could lay down under my brother and sister’s feet on family trips.
    B) let me sit on his lap and steer on said long trips.

  6. Also, I blogged! crazy huh.

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