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day 4 – things I believed as a child

November 4, 2010
  • Police will never pull you over for speeding if you are only going 5mph over the limit.
  • You are perfectly safe riding without a seat belt as long as you are a) in the back seat and b)on a divided lane highway (less stopping and starting or alternately, a crash at that speed will kill you either way?).
  • If all parties involved are really nice people, no one will get hurt.
  • As an adult, going out on Friday and Saturday nights will seem exiting and appealing and you will no longer just want to sit around read a book.
  • Tights are annoying and pointless invention mainly because they are essentially knitted tubes of holes.
  • Coffee is gross despite it’s great smell, in fact drinking it closely resembles the idea of drinking vanilla extract
  • By the time I am 25, I will definitely have life completely figured out.